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omg I have already made one complaint and here is another one, the first time around me and my daughter had an appt and waited 3 hours it was chaos in the studio, back and fourth, up and down, we had a standard session for one outfit change which my daughter was already wearing the outfit, cap and gown and senior photo again to throw it out there my daughter is special needs, and I have back pain so waiting 3 hours was not fun at all, why do you have people schedule appts if its gonna take that long to take pictures and calling the Ventura office no one answers, they don't make it easy to get ahold of anyone makes no sense then I spend 2 hours on the phone with customer service back and fourth it was very time consuming so I finally get my daughters proofs and I was not happy at all with her pictures she's looking down or to the side, she wasn't sitting up straight its not easy for her, she doesn't know any better the photographers I guess were in a hurry I felt like it really didn't matter she wont know the difference, these pictures are not cheap I'm not gonna pay a whole lot of money for a product that I'm not happy with this was just the first visit I'm not even done, because I was unhappy with the turn out of the first session I rescheduled a second session this time there was 3 people helping very nice because in complained this was on Aug. 13th Saturday before we left I was told that the pictures were already being downloaded the advertisement says to allow 10 to 14 business days its been over 3 weeks now and then I was told by a supervisor that they are running behind and nothing has been processed yet, this is bs that you all run your company like this, I was so excited looking forward to getting beautiful photos of my daughter who is special needs that you all have ruined the excitement from this special event so now I still have no proofs from the 2nd session and now thanks to you all I have to find time out of her schedule and mine to retake pictures somewhere else, I know to you all its no big deal but its not easy getting her hair done, makeup on etc. to be treated like this what are you all gonna do to make this right

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: make me an offer.

Prestige Portraits Cons: Excuse after excuse for poor service.

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