Bamberg, South Carolina
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The picture we wanted had some stray hairs and we were told they could retouch and they would have it ready in 3-5 days. They also told me the would upload the new picture to the website.

I paid $32. 10 days later the picture is still not uploaded and I called them. The girl on the phone was very nice and told me that it was ready but I couldn't see it unless I buy it and then it would be visible. Well I argued I paid $32 and this is a proof, I should be able to see it before I submit for the yearbook.

Well according to her I can buy just one sheet of wallet size pics for $49, then I can see it. I said no thanks , I already paid for a new proof. I spoke to yet another person via chat who was very rude who said the retouched picture takes 3-4 weeks and that they haven't even gotten to my picture yet and that basically I will not be able to see the retouched picture, ever, at any point in time . I will see it when the yearbook comes out !

Absolutely unacceptable that you can't seen what you paid for and you have to submit a yearbook portrait without even seeing It! Three different people gave me three conflicting information. The person in the chat was so rude trying to cut my conversation multiple times telling me that I have not answered after like 2 seconds and asking me every time, is there anything else I can do for you.

Terrible. I hope the schools pick a different company for the future graduates.

Product or Service Mentioned: Prestige Portraits School Photo.

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