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I can't believe they charge 500 for the same packages they sell for all other grade levels for 60 dollars.It is pure greed and so unfair for the many families that want graduation pictures for their children but can't really afford them. I can't believe the school system allows this to go on. Furthermore, there aren't any pictures in a cap and gown, just a black drape. I can afford these but refuse to buy them and will not buy any during fall...
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When my brothers graduated 2 years ago, the school used a different company and they each got about 20 pictures in both the black and white tux, and the cap and gown portraits as part of the free package, but this year with prestige portraits, the free package only includes 5 portraits in the drape/tux. After getting my portraits done, I was irritated to realize I was not getting a cap and gown photo, so I contacted the online help service to...
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Why aren't they doing this when they are selling prints for 2-3 times what I do for weddings? I suggest that you find a local photographer in your area and hire them. It'll cost the same in the end and you have a face to go complain to... To tell you the truth, I'm pretty tired of getting hateful emails and phone calls from all over North America complaining about the photos that I have taken. My company is Prestige Photo ( not Prestige Portraits...
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Anonymous Horrible!

I didn't like
  • Being overcharged
  • Being overcharged for poor product
Quality was fine.Expensive yes, but if you don't want them, don't buy them. Problem is they took two sets of photos, one in a suit, one in cap and gown. They send you the suit photos, and you buy some. Six weeks later they send a different set with cap and gown-taken on the same day. Parent has no idea that two sets were taken. Just a rip off to get you to buy twice. Any honest company would have sent all the photos at once so you could make...
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